Securizar S3 bucket website endpoint

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Hace algunas semanas me llegó este mensaje por parte de AWS

We are writing to notify you that you have configured your S3 bucket(s) to be publicly accessible, and this may be a larger audience than you intended. By default, S3 buckets allow only the account owner to access the contents of a bucket; however, customers can configure S3 buckets to permit public access. Public buckets are accessible by anyone on the Internet, and content in them may be indexed by search engines. We recommend enabling the S3 Block Public Access feature on buckets if public access is not required. S3 bucket permissions should never allow “Principal”:”*” unless you intend to grant public access to your data. Additionally, S3 bucket ACLs should be appropriately scoped to prevent unintended access to “Authenticated Users” (anyone with an AWS account) or “Everyone” (anyone with Internet access) unless your use case requires it. For AWS’s definition of “Public Access,” please see The Meaning of “Public” [1].

Más aburrido que ver “Los lunes al sol” doblado al iraní. Lo sé.

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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA) 2018 – I

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En este post dejaré algunas notas que tomé para poder estudiar para el AWS SASS. Utilizo Evernote para guardar notas pero con el paso del tiempo he decidido retomar el blog ya que es una mejor manera de tener mis notas actualizadas. Actualizaré el post poco a poco. Las notas serán en inglés porque así es como hice el curso.

Las definiciones de los diferentes servicios las tomo de o bien la documentación de AWS o bien de los comentarios del instructor del curso que hice. Topics covered:    


  • A default of up to 100 buckets for new accounts
  • Files from 0 bytes to 5 TB
  • Unlimited storage
  • Files stored in buckets(buckets are similar to a “folder”)
  • Unique names
  • When you upload filed to S3 you will receive an HTTP 200 code
  • Supports Versioning
  • Supports Encryption
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Secure your data – ACL

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