Virtuozzo Containers – VE starts but displays error “/bin/bash: no such file”


Estamos levantando un container y nos salta este error:

Operation restart with the Env(s) "PRUEBAS2"
is finished with errors: Error invoking external utility:
vzctl restart 249035 failed: Restart Container
Starting Container ... Container is mounted
Setup slm memory limit Setup slm subgroup
(default) Setting devperms 20002 dev 0x7d00
Setup ioprio: 4 Adding port redirection to
Container(1): 4643 8443 Adding IP address(es)
to pool: Adding IP address(es): bash:
line 55: /bin/sed: cannot execute binary file
ERROR: Can't change file /etc/sysconfig/network arpsend: 2

Según Parallels

VE starts but displays error “/bin/bash: no such file” or the like.

The owner of the VE could have removed some important package such as bash or glibc.
In this case you may recover VE private area using ‘vzctl recover VEID’.

You may also have OS template the VE is absed on missed on hardware node, you may check it using ‘vzpkgls VE_ID’ and install missed OS template if it is needed.

The VE can also be compromised, see below.

1. vzctl recover VZID
2. vzctl restart VZID
3. Done!


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