Plesk 9.5.4


Parallels ha lanzado una una versión de Plesk 9.5 que corrige varios bugs, la mayoría del servicio de email.

[-] Issue resolved: An IP address could not be added to the mail server white list if it was in DNS zone file.
[-] Issue resolved for Postfix: Messages sent to several mailing lists with Postfix were actually delivered to only one mailing list.
[-] Issue resolved for Postfix: mail server bounced mail messages sent to a domain with mail service turned off and mail to non-existent users bounce set up, instead of redirecting the mail to an external mail server defined with MX record in the DNS zone.
[-] Issue resolved for Postfix: sqlite3 error appeared in log files upon an authentication with the CRAM-MD5 method, while the authentication was actually successful.
[-] Issue resolved: The spam training process “spammng” occupied all memory on the Plesk server, and as a result the Spam Filter Training tab was shown incorrectly.
[-] Issue resolved: Reduced upgrade time on servers with a lot of mailboxes.
[-] Issue resolved for Qmail: If there were a redirect and a mail group configured on a mailname to point at the same e-mail address, upon the redirect removal, the address was removed from the mail group as well. For details, see
[-] Issue resolved for Postfix: Plesk changed the order of “smtpd_client_restrictions” rules that were added manually to the Postfix configuration file if black list was enabled via Plesk GUI. For additional details, see
[-] Issue resolved for Postfix: Now Plesk strictly configures Postfix for using IPv4.
[-] Issue resolved: SPF spam protection worked incorrectly: all messages were resolved only as “neutral” or “pass”, and local rules were ignored — a default whitelist was always used.
[-] Issue resolved for Qmail: Neither successful nor failed CRAM-MD5 authentications were added to mail server log files.
[-] Issue resolved: A domain alias was still scanned for spam even though spam filtering was turned off for the mail account. For more details, see
[-] Issue resolved for Qmail: Mail handlers were used for local deliveries, which could lead to failing a message delivery when it was sent to an alias on the same host.
[-] Issue resolved: When greylisting was enabled, it rejected the mail messages that users authorized via SMTP tried to send to local and remote recipients.


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