Burn windows iso file from mac osx el capitan

After struggling a little bit how to burn windows iso from Mac, I got proper right to do it. Basically, forget to just run dd, it won’t work. At least, didn’t work for me. In fact, all I got when I ran dd command was a faulty usb burned with iso files unable to start the installation from one laptop. So, I had to recover the usb with:

* sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk4 bs=1024k count=2

After that I was able to manage the usb from “Disk Utility”.

You’ll need a:

* windows iso file
* unetbootin for Mac
* usb ready for action

What I did was:

* First, open “Disk Utility” and format again the usb with MBR selected
* After that, open the unetbootin, select the iso and burn the usb.

This was the key to success in installation. I setup usb boot from laptop’s BIOS and then all worked like a charm.

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